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Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/MediaTek v2.16 - Another step forward
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    По умолчанию Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/MediaTek v2.16 - Another step forward #1
    Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/MediaTek v2.16 - Another step forward

    As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

    Changed : Protocol updated ( Raphael/Legacy )
    BugFix : MT6737M/MT6580
    Changed : Internal EMI engine rebuild
    !* LEGACY line : DB rebuild and updated, changed and optimized selection features
    !* RAPAHEL line : DB rebuild from scratch. Selection feature rebuild. Manual mode removed and changed to automatic.
    Summary :
    !* Supported almost all existing memory/dram combinations up to current date for LEGACY lines
    !* Supported almost all existing memory/dram combinations up to current date for RAPHAEL lines ( up to DIMENSITY line )
    !* REMOVED manual EMI selection by bruteforce. NOT NEED ANYMORE set one-by-one internal EMI db counter and boot device every time. All auto.
    !* In rare case of discrette DRAM may require change EMI once for some specific devices
    !* After device learning ( via HW report feature ) it will be stored in SW Database and used automatic at every service/flash/repair operation
    !* Overall : Not need seek compatible preloader files for new/not existing FW's devices, spend time to bruteforce and etc. Just connect and work!

    Changed : Core updated for LEGACY line
    BugFix : MT6737 with Android 10 flashing revised
    BugFix : Checksum verify rebuild
    BugFix : Changed memory repartition model for modern scatter formats ( used in Android 10 FWs )
    BugFix : Different scatter-version dependencies handled now correct
    Changed : Core updated for RAPHAEL line
    Changed : UltraFlash feature updated, new security workarounds supported

    Changed : Identify
    !* Legacy platform changes, mostly for Android 10 devices
    Changed : Smart Reset
    !* Optimized support for different customized and generic cases

    NewFeature : HW Report ( RAPHAEL - only )
    !* Allow read extended info from device about its HW
    - EXTCSD info ( complete, include eMMC version, all flags etc. ) - used in case of identification for HWrepair purposes
    - CSD info ( complete, TEMP/PERM write protection status ) - used in case of identification ReadOnly state in some cases
    - CID info ( FlashIC base info, name, vendor ) - default info, even if boot can nott be completed by some HW or SW reasons
    - LifeInfo ( SLC, MLC, EOL status and use counters ) - allow understand how bad it feels
    - RPMB info ( is it key programmed or clean and can be re-used )
    !* Feature also allow automatic select and store for further use BOOTROM connection settings for RAPHAEL devices ( DRAM init )
    !* HWreport not require complete boot in case of semi-dead devices. Useful for HWdebug
    !* HWreport result may vary in diffirent models and agents, even on same SoC!

    Firmware Reader
    Changed : LEGACY line support updated ( Android 10 line )
    Changed : Support more different types
    Changed : FileSystem tools updated. Issues with reading on some systems should be fixed.
    Changed : More wide range of scatter versions creation according device specific data

    BugFix : Lot of minor changes and fixes
    Option : GUI ( File -> GUI ) : allow select other interface mode
    !* Default - standard V2 line GUI
    !* Wide - best for big screen / big distance to monitor
    !* Wide Log - extend log window to screen size. Optimal for most cases

    !* Strongly recommend to use ONLY Infinity or Factory firmwares for modern Android 9/10 device to avoid lot of issues
    - FOTA issues
    - Attestation Key Issues
    - Tee Key issues
    - Security issues

    Если Вы что-то программируете или что-то паяете и желаете это "что-то" продавать, то всегда можно обсудить варианты взаимовыгодного сотрудничества: [email protected]
    02.02.2021, 00:44
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